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DJB04957 Wind in the Reeds

DJB04957 Wind in the Reeds

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Part Number:DJB04957

Author: Wayre, Philip
Publisher: Quality Book Club
Year Published: 1965
Pages: 255
Format: Hardcover
Signed: No
Condition Rating: Slight wear, may have creased spine, folded pages, good-condition ownership stickers

Additional Information:

Summary: How do you persuade a heron to swallow an eel in front of your camera, train a golden eagle to kill, or prevent a bear from committing suicide? All his life Philip Wayre has had to solve the peculiar problems set him by the birds and animals he has watched, trained, photographed and lived with.

As a boy he took a sparrow-hawk from its nest and taught it to fly to the lure. Ever since, training a bird of prey has been a challenge - whether it is a gyr falcon, an eagle owl or his golden eagle, Bokhara. A passionate photographer, he is prepared to spend weeks crouched in a reed bed to film the private life of an otter, a coypu or a bittern, with the result that he has made one of the most successful nature films since the war; it is fascinating how each phase was pieced together. But some of the most entertaining, and valuable, passages in this book are about the keeping of animals and on returning them to the wild. A collection that began many years ago with one brent goose has grown into Britain's first Wildlife Park, visited by a quarter of a million people in a year and inhabited by foxes and badgers, otters and deer, eagles and a sun bear, Pooh.

Wind in the Reeds is written with warmth and humour by a naturalist of outstanding ability. It includes many original observations and is illustrated with the author's own photographs.

Cover design by Humphrey Price-Jones

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