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DJB03666 Ultimate Ph Solution, The
DJB03666 Ultimate Ph Solution, The

DJB03666 Ultimate Ph Solution, The

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Author: Cook, Michelle Schoffro|Cook, Michelle
Publisher: Collins
Year Published: 2007
Pages: 208
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9781554681747
Signed: No
Condition Rating: Slight wear, may have creased spine, folded pages, good-condition ownership stickers

Additional Information:

Summary: There are thousands of popular diets and health programs that urge you to eat plenty of protein, take your mega-vitamins and get your daily exercise, but most of them are missing a key factor that is critical to your health: you need to balance the pH level of your blood.

The Ultimate pH Solution explains how controlling your blood’s pH level will lead to a healthier, leaner body and more energy. Michelle Schoffro Cook, a doctor of natural medicine and acupuncture, and an author of three health books, demystifies the cutting edge, medically sound research that links acidity to heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other common diseases and conditions. Showing how diets such as the South Beach or Atkins plans may actually be harmful to your health, Cook reveals how reducing your blood’s acidity (thus increasing the alkalinity) by eliminating certain foods and adding others is the key to sustained healthy living. The Ultimate pH Solution:

• offers a quick self-pH-test and step-by-step plan for simple lifestyle and diet changes
• includes real-life success stories of people who have overcome conditions including allergies, fibromyalgia, recurring colds and obesity by balancing their pH level
• describes pH-powerful foods and techniques (like adding fresh lemon juice to your water) that take only minutes a day to alkalize your body
• provides delicious, nutritious recipes for easy pH-balanced cooking

��� There are other books on pH programs but none is as comprehensive, authoritative and easy to follow as The Ultimate pH Solution.

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