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DJB03176 Herman Classics, Volume I

DJB03176 Herman Classics, Volume I

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Part Number:DJB03176

Author: Unger, Jim
Publisher: ECW Press
Year Published: 2003
Pages: 220
Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 1550226169
Signed: No
Condition Rating: Slight wear, may have creased spine, folded pages, good-condition ownership stickers

Additional Information:

Summary: Welcome back, Herman! Lovingly presented in full colour, here are over 400 classic Herman comics. Most of these are single panels, but there are also many full spreads from weekend papers. Along with the comics, we have included short, funny biographical comments from Unger himself — about his life, about how he conceives his comics, about the process of illustrating. Printed on high-grade paper with careful attention to accurate representation, this book is indeed a classic for all Herman lovers. Jim Unger’s thoughts on Herman: "I think what happened with this Herman thing is it's so stupid that it makes you laugh. Herman is nobody, nothing. He's just a prop for my way of expressing life. I'm telling people, 'Hey, you idiot, this is what you look like.'" " It’s not sophisticated — I draw a TV set that comes crashing through a wall, and behind it there's a guy shouting, 'Missed!' That's not a gag. It's life. I reach the vast unwashed, eh? The lowest common demoninator. I understand my own kind."

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