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DJB01960 This Is End, My Only Friend

DJB01960 This Is End, My Only Friend

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Author: Huddleston, Judy
Publisher: Shapolsky Publishers
Year Published: 1991
Pages: 212
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 1561710385
Signed: No
Condition Rating: Slight wear, may have creased spine, folded pages, good-condition ownership stickers

Additional Information:

Summary: It was California, 1967, and The Doors were just breakin' on through.

Seventeen-year-old model Judy Huddlestone was there. An obsessive Doors fan, she experienced the ultimate rock fantasy and nightmare - living and "dying" with the legendary Jim Morrison.

This is The End... My Only Friend opens doors for us into the mysterious soul of the generation's most bizarrely brilliant and tortured poet/vocalist.

Morrison was adored by millions, yet desperately lonely - passionate about life, yet madly suicidal - capable of tenderness as a lover, yet sometimes violent - and always promiscuous.

In the author's intensely personal account, we read of her own flirtation with acid and other mind-altering drugs. We learn of the intense alienation that drove so many of her generation to hallucinatory experiments and to the haunting music and lyric of The Doors. Judy soon found herself in the arms of the dangerously seductive Morrison.

You'll discover the intimate, dramatic, and tragic details of Jim Morrison's life and death, including:

- Jim asking Judy to strip naked in the parking lot before letting her up into his music studio.
- His obssession with sex and fascination with his powerful sexuality.
- Drunken excesses that made Jim stumble on stage - and in bed.
- The obsessive jealousy of Jim's girlfriends.
- And, finally, scenes of the sensitive, creative Morrison succumbing to destructive inner demons and dying suddenly in Paris at twenty-seven.

The author's powerful love survived Morrison's blatant infidelities, drunken and stoned visits and phone calls at all hours, and frightening bouts of satanic rage preceding whispered pleas for emotional intimacy.

Jim Morrison's meteoric life story is no longer a closed book. Fans will be grateful to Judy Huddlestone for the doors she has opened to the early years of Morrison's first concerts, to his surprising love life, and to the rock giant's final tragic moments.

This is The End... My Only Friend was written shortly after Jim Morrison's death in 1971 and has never before been published. It captures the full essence of the era and his life. Parts from the book can be seen in the feature film The Doors.

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