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DJB01663 Blades on Ice: A Century of Professional Hockey

DJB01663 Blades on Ice: A Century of Professional Hockey

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Author: Goyens, Chrys|Orr, Frank|Turowetz, Allan
Publisher: TPE Pub.
Year Published: 2000
Subcategory: Sports & Recreation / Ice & Figure Skating
Pages: 220
ISBN: 968622003
Signed: Yes
Condition Rating: Slight wear, may have creased spine, folded pages, good-condition ownership stickers

Additional Information:

Summary: Always the names and nicknames...Howie Morenz, Eddie Shore and Newsy Lalonde, Cyclone, Rocket and Mr. Hockey. They emerge from the dusty files of newspaper morgues, or the kinescopes and yellowing photos of hockey's earliest days. They are joined by the modern day warriors in all of their Technicolor glory, the Golden Jet, The Big M, Jake the Snake, Gros Bill, The Great One, Super Mario and the Next One.And, forever, the incomparable Bobby Orr.This book tells the sweeping tale of professional hockey in four distinct parts: -- Taking to the Ice 1901-1925-- Growing the Sports 1926-1950-- The Real Major League 1951-1975-- Spanning the Continents 1976-2000Hundreds of photographs trace the history of hockey from pond and sticks fashioned from tree branches to the age of entertainment multiplexes and pre-game laser shows. Scratchy black and white prints, some of the first ever taken of indoor hockey, and high-speed color photography of the 1990s, bring this fascinating game to life. The game follows the narrative of the Patricks, pro-hockey's first family, for more than a hundred years. Highlights of the careers of Maurice Richard, Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr usher in the Modern Era and lead to Wayne Gretzky's fabulous career, and retirement, at century's end.The game started as an exhilarating outdoor pastime in the 19th century, moved indoors in the Northeast at the turn of the century and then onto artificial ice as millions of fans were born. Rules and game changes were many in the early days but one thing was constant: the chase, the speed and the breathless beauty of the fastest sport on two feet.Today, the game is played before, and for, millions, bybehemoths equipped with composite sticks, Kevlar padding and skate blades fashioned from space age alloys. Yet, the spirit of the pond still lives.How they got here, from there, is what "Blades On Ice, A Century of Professional Hockey" is all about.

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