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DJB01451 Misadventures Of Rufus Burdy, The

DJB01451 Misadventures Of Rufus Burdy, The

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Author: Bird, William Richard
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Year Published: 1975
Pages: 270
Format: Unknown Binding
ISBN: 70822409
Signed: No
Condition Rating: Slight wear, may have creased spine, folded pages, good-condition ownership stickers

Additional Information:

Summary: Like a swarm of mosquitos -- they came. Social workers, game wardens, distant cousins, ministers, uninvited guests: buzzing, bothering, getting into his hair and into his family business, upsetting the easy community out on the Old Road whose motto was "live and let live."

Rufus Burdy didn't like it one bit! And neither did Ma (l two hundred pounds of her), and their five kids felt exactly the same. But as soon as they get rid of the social worker, Miss Jasper, there's this letter summoning them to town to a clinic. They get over that hurdle, nobody hurt and nobody the poorer, and then old Henry Needle decides to order himself one spitfire of a mail-order bride. About all poor old Rufus can say is "JIGGERS."

He'd much rather be huntin' or fishin' instead of digging potatoes or washin' up. He'd just love to stay out of everyone else's private doings. But somehow he can't avoid the slow encroachment of civilization, the occasional confrontation with the law, the horrors of city life, the wonders of modern medicine, and new-fangled things like radios, cameras and automobiles. Just when he thinks he's escaped and in the clear, there's that old familiar hand on the shoulder -- caught again!

The Misadventures of Rufus Burdy is real down-homr humor -- a highly entertaining collection of rural sketches guarenteed to delight every reader, young or old. Will Rm Bird, author of twenty-six books and undisputed master of his craft, keeps you laughing and enjoying.

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